Saturday, October 13

the whole bunch...

There's a little old lady who lives just around the corner.  She is always in her front garden: digging, weeding, planting, snipping and watering. Even though her home fronts a busy street, I've never seen her making small talk with strangers. She always appears absorbed in her work.

It goes without saying that her garden is magnificent and her springtime blooms are the best.

One day, Lily suddenly decided that she was sick of admiring the flowers from a distance. So she sped ahead of me on her scooter, wheeled straight through the open gate and asked for one.

Unfazed, the woman took out her secateurs and began to snip away. As the bunch grew, I said something about not wanting to take too many, but she replied that it was fine. Besides, they would only last a few more weeks, so my daughter was welcome to take as many as she liked.

Now the flowers are gone, but I have these photos - a reminder that the kindness of strangers still exists, sometimes you just have to go ahead and ask.

Sunday, September 9

market day...

When you're lugging a double pram around the Orange Grove Markets, it pays to arrive early, eat, drink, buy whatever takes your fancy and then head home.

The six fruits loaf (try saying that three times quickly) was tasty but the Turkish pastry (with pomegranate, cheese, spinach, honey and pine nuts) was unbelievably delish and worth going back for!

Still not much time to post here or visit other blogs... I hope you are going well?

Thursday, August 2

the woolly jumper...

She was wearing my over-sized jumper and feeling out of sorts. So I asked if she wanted me to photograph a sad woolly monster? She liked that idea and finally cracked a smile.

Saturday, July 21


For now, life is all about full-time parenting and letting some cobwebs grow on my blog. I hope to dust them off in a few months time. As for how I'm feeling about blogging in general, well Andrea's third paragraph kinda nails it for me.

If the timing was right, I'd book a photography course like this one (... loving the bonus cut price studio hire for former students). In the meantime, there are some great books floating around the house that I haven't read yet but hope to start soon.

Take care, friends.

Monday, July 9

the rules...

[Overheard] Now, Josie. Listen to me! That's your side of the line and this is my side, OK?
So you're not allowed to cross the line. OK?

... Josie is so going to cross the line.

Friday, July 6

old song / new meaning

The temptation
To take the precious things we have apart
To see how they work
Must be resisted for they never fit together again
- Billy Bragg (lyrics from Must I Paint You a Picture?)

Back then, the lyrics were beautiful. And they still are - only this time around they actually mean something. Funny how an old song can creep up on you like that.

Sunday, July 1

beach house birthday...

One birthday cake.
Two gorgeous gifts.
Three cars out front.
Four fab friends.
Five wine glasses.

I turned 38 today. Celebrated the occasion last night with some dear friends. Tasty food. Fine wine. The best company. And how good is it to step out onto the deck of a beach house (glass of wine in hand) to hear the ocean rumble? I can't remember the last time I did that, but I'm convinced we're all meant to live by the sea... if only to send the babies to sleep. Josie slept for 5 hours straight, her longest stretch yet!

I don't have a huge circle of friends - the ones I keep close are the quality kind. Loyal, warm and generous folks who not only go the extra mile to make me feel special, they also enjoy spending time with the little girls. Truly awesome peeps! 

Thursday, June 28

lamb and little chick...

This old shed is bursting with filtered light! Great for illuminating all its cute inhabitants. I used Aperture to correct the exposure for the birds face because it was very dark (pity the sleeve was already overexposed). Both shots were taken at Calmsley Hill Farm - a big day out for two little girls. Josie bawled her eyes out when she spotted the resident camel :)

Wednesday, June 20

the way forward...

A man never knows how to say goodbye;
a woman never knows when to say it.  

~Helen Rowland

Do you think that's true?
One thing's for sure - it's not always right.
The leaving part, that is.

Familiar phrases emerge.
One day at a time. This too shall pass.
You're stronger than you know.

Because you need to be.
To take good care of them.
And look after yourself.
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